Dr. Shamsun  Nahar
Dr. Shamsun Nahar Professor, Department of Microbiology



My career begins with research on sexually transmitted infection (STI) among Bangladeshi people at International Centre for Diarrheal Disease Research, Bangladesh (icddr,b) under supervision of Dr. Jozef Bogaerts, Head of STI unit. I worked there as 'Research officer' from April/1999 until Oct/2005 in a collaborative research project, titled “Sexually transmitted infection in Bangladeshi people” between icddr,b and Belgium. The overall project management enhanced my team-work ability with other research students and developed my communication skills among patients, study doctors, community health workers and principle investigator (PI). During my research experiences I acquire extensive knowledge about different sexually transmitted organisms with their detection, identification, infectious genome sequence and infection process among high risk people in Bangladesh such as sex worker, truck driver etc. In 2001,  I was invited as research fellow by Belgium Government to enhance my knowledge about gene isolation, gene cloning, gene expression and site directed mutagenesis at Rega Institute of Katholeik University of Leuven. I started my teaching career as Lecturer position to the Department of Microbiology, Jahangirnagar University since 2006. My employer University permit me to pursue my PhD on “Genetic diversity of noroviruses in Bangladesh”. In 2011, I transitioned into PhD research program under the mentorship of Professor. Shahabuddin Kabir Choudhuri at Jahagirnagar University and Dr. Mustafizur Rahman under a collaboration program of virology laboratory, icddr,b and the Department of Pharmacy, Jahangirnagar University.  The program has taught me extensive expertise on causative agents of viral diarrhea among hospitalized patients, examining  diarrheal virus infections to cell lines, bioinformatics analyses from online databases and subsequent molecular biology techniques, like amplification of diarrhea causing virus genes, their sequencing, blasting and observe their natural recombination. I have led several research projects in department of Microbology, Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh, and mentoring several MS students. I have published 23 research papers with more than 250 citations in different reputed peer reviewed journals. Currently, I am trying to build up one health research laboratory in Department of Microbiology,  Jahangirnagar University, Savar, Dhaka-1342, Bangladesh.


Clinical Microbiology, Antimicrobial resistance, Molecular biology and Virology


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List of presentations in Seminars/Symposia/Workshops

TWAS Research Grants Conference”, 4-6 June 2019, Kathmandu, Nepal

 Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM) patients carry different periodontal microbiota” Oral Immunology and Oral Microbiology (ICOIOM) 2018. 14-15 August, 2018, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur

      "Prior Exposures of Antimicrobials Contribute Acquisition of Mobile Colistin Resistance (mcr-1) Gene in to Bangladeshi Poultry Microbiota" (Awarded with Infectious Disease Fellow Travel Grant). ASM 2018 Microbe, to be held 7-11 June, 2018, Atlanta, GA, USA.

"Poultry-Chicken Bacteria Carry Higher Prevalence of Extended-spectrum β-Lactamase Genes than Household-Chicken Isolates". 10th Asian Federation of Biotechnology (AFOB) Regional symposium” Jan 27-29 January, 2018, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Computational genomics and Bioinformatics” July 24-28, 2016, Virology Lab at icddr,b (International center for diarrheal disease research), Bangladesh.

 Seminar on “Medical Waste Management In Bangladesh” Oct 24, 2015, Sasakawa Auditorium, icddr,b, Bangladesh

 Seminar and Workshop on Biorisk Management, May 30, 2015, Sasakawa Auditorium, icddr,b, Bangladesh

 Sensitization and training program for promoting Biosafety & Biosecurity in Bangladesh. Dec  21, 2015, MIS Auditorium, DGHS, Bangladesh.


Dr. Shamsun Nahar

Department of Microbiology
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