Students Counselling and Guidance Centre

Dr. Md. Laek Sazzad Andallah
Dr. Md. Laek Sazzad Andallah Department of Mathematics

Dr. Md. Laek Sazzad Andallah

Message from Director

The Students Counseling and Guidance Centre (SCGC) of Jahangirnagar University (JU) was established in the middle of 1982, as recommended by the Jahangirnagar University Act, 1973. The main objective of the SCGC is to facilitate a congenial learning environment for students from different parts of the country by providing necessary guidance, suitable counseling, and solving their concerns within the scope of the SCGC. It organizes various programs to stimulate young minds, fostering their overall development and nurturing their creative personalities as responsible citizens of the country.  

The Students Counseling and Guidance Centre (SCGC) is responsible for promoting and enhancing students' welfare.  To deliver this service, we create and oversee a variety of programs that include social extra-curricular activities, psychosocial support, counseling, and guidance. We organize seminars and workshops to enhance the skills of interested students. We arrange job fairs to facilitate job opportunities for our students by inviting national and multinational companies, NGOs, etc., for suitable job placements and internships. Within the framework, co-curricular activities are organized throughout the year.

I would appreciate our students spontaneously joining our programs and activities in order to enhance their skills, knowledge, and ability to apply their academic and extra-academic learning outcomes in many ways. I wish all the students the best of learning during their programs in our stimulating academic and environment friendly most livable green campus of our university. I expect that our students will be acquainted with moral values, skills, and analytical and creative abilities to serve the nation as well as the world as responsible individuals. 

About Students Counselling and Guidance Centre

Students Counselling and Guidance Centre of Jahangirnagar University has been started its journey from the middle of 1982 to meet the needs of students by integrating many facets of wellness into a single home. Aiming to promote the overall well-being, personal growth, academic success, and career guidelines of the students, the centre is committed to create a welcoming and affirming space where all the students are valued.

Located on the first floor of the Teacher-Student Centre (TSC) building, the Students Counselling and Guidance Centre offers support and guidance to the students in facing and addressing diverse challenges and issues of their campus life. This acts as a support system for the students at the University and addresses their emotional well-being as well. Through the Center, you can find a full range of wellness-related services, including individual psychotherapy, group psychotherapy, victim/survivor advocacy services, crisis intervention, consultations, cultural events, careen guidance, academic, professional, and social interaction skill development, and other wellness-related programming.

The following are the major activities of the Counselling and Guidance Service.
1. Coordinating student’s advisor of the departments/ institutes
2. Fresher’s Reception
3. University Day Celebration
4. World Mental Health Day Celebration
5. Organizing workshop/ seminar on mental health issues
6. Helping students on mental health issues
7. Organizing Job Fair
8. Organizing workshop/seminar on career planning
9. Organizing various competition
10. Managing tuitions for students
11. Selecting and promoting students into national and international organization
12. Cooperating with inquiry committee, proctor office, hall administration etc.