Syed Hafizur Rahman, PhD
Syed Hafizur Rahman, PhD Department of Environmental Sciences

Syed Hafizur Rahman, PhD


Message from IQAC-JU Director

In line with the ongoing commitment of the Government of Bangladesh (GoB) and the University Grants Commission (UGC) to elevate the quality of higher education nationwide, the Institutional Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) commenced its operations at Jahangirnagar University on January 1, 2015, as a sub-project under the Quality Assurance (QA) initiative of the UGC. The initial phase concluded on September 30, 2018, after which it was seamlessly integrated into the university's revenue budget. The establishment of the Institutional Quality Assurance Cell at Jahangirnagar University (IQAC-JU) follows various office orders from the UGC, adhering to the Act, Statute, Ordinance, and Regulations of Jahangirnagar University.

In my capacity as the director of the institute, I extend a warm welcome to explore our website, where we have compiled all pertinent documents related to tertiary education. Here, you will find a comprehensive collection of quality assurance documents for Jahangirnagar University, encompassing self-assessment reports for various programmes and development planning. I am confident that this cell will be a valuable addition to the university's resources, playing a pivotal role in the remarkable academic development of our institution.

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